After playing for the team for 12 years, linebacker Tamba Hali was sacked by the chief of Kansas City in March this year. It sounds like it means the end of Harry’s career.

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Harry did not make any formal statement, but when participating in the radio program, he admitted that he "occasionally" wanted to continue playing. At other times, he did not want to return to the game. He said that the desire to spend time with the four children and pursue music dreams was the reason he felt he would not continue playing.

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"I just need to continue training and make music," said Harry. "I don't want to care too much about playing. I feel like I'll continue to have some connection with the chiefs, perhaps as a mentor to guide the players. I don't want to lie to myself. I think the time has come to retire."

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Harry made 89.5 kills in his 12-year career. He was asked if the prospect of making 100 kills would allow him to make different decisions. Harry acknowledged that it was a great achievement to reach this milestone, but he knew he was willing to accept the status quo after he had done everything in the past 12 years.